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Local Moves

Are you looking for affordable moving in Los Angeles? Our local moving team serves South Bay, Westside, Long Beach, and the Greater Los Angeles area. We know that moving can be a challenge, regardless of the distance.

You might be wondering, “what is considered a local move?” Local moves are generally considered to be 100 miles or less, within the same state, these are also considered to be an intrastate move. They are priced competitively at an hourly rate and have an established shipment size.

Typically, a local move will be loaded, transported, and unloaded within a single day.

We will provide you with prompt, efficient service from our expert moving staff. Our team is comprised of account managers, packers, truck loaders, warehouse specialists and expert drivers that can handle even the most complicated moving jobs.

Our local moving services include:

  • Packing
  • Transporting specialty items
  • Protecting your move
  • Moving small to large homes
  • Storing items during the moving process

Our staff will work with you to coordinate a tailored local moving plan that fits your specific needs. We are attentive to all the fine details, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. We understand that every move has idiosyncrasies.

We will work out the price of your local move in conjunction with a few defining factors, including:

  • How large your origin location and destination are (i.e. square feet)
  • How many items need to be transported
  • Number of boxes and other packing materials
  • Packing services requirements
  • How close the moving truck can be parked near the premises
  • Specialty moving items
  • The level of unpacking that needs to be done by our team

The number of rooms that need to be packed and unpacked can dictate how many movers we need on the job. A rule of thumb is planning to hire two movers per room.

We are flexible and open to working out a specific plan tailored to your needs. Not everyone needs a full-service moving plan. We hope to strategize the perfect fit for your needs.

Why Choose Us

  • Certified ProMover
  • A+ Rating by the BBB
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Free moving quotes
  • All trained professionals
  • Free estimates

Long Distance Moves

If you’re planning to move across state lines, a whole new set of unique challenges comes into play. We offer flexible, affordable out of state moving services all over the United States.

As registered agents of Wheaton World Wide Moving, we have a national network of over 400 moving agents that can get you wherever you need to go in the United States.

Our team of interstate movers can handle packing, unpacking, and loading services while our project management team can assist you with strategizing a moving plan that works for you.

We offer a wide range of long-distance moving services, including:

  • Long-distance moving consulting
  • Any-size interstate furniture moving
  • Packing Supplies & Services
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Full Home Protection
  • Highly trained and insured staff

Through our relationship with Wheaton World Wide Moving, we offer comprehensive long-distance moving services that match our tenacity and drive.

Long-distance moves are comprised of many different working parts. From packing, storage, and cleaning to technology installation services, many people need a helping hand.

The cost of your long distance move will be dependent on the date, distance, weight, and add-on service selection. We will give you a free moving quote based on this information and from there we can come up with a more detailed plan.

You should do a few things to prepare for your long-distance move. On top of changing your permanent address and forwarding your mail, you may also need to donate or sell items that you don’t need anymore.

We can take your unwanted items and recycle or dispose of them. We can rid your inventory of clutter to make your move organized and aesthetically pleasing.


Whether you are planning a long-distance move or renovating your current home, putting your items in a warehouse storage space can become necessary.

Instead of rushing through the organization process, you can store your items in our warehouse storage facility. We offer both short term and long term storage solutions.

Our warehouses are built for climate-controlled storage, meaning your items won’t get run down by weather related damage throughout the duration of your storage contract.

A security system is in place that is monitored 24/7 to ensure the safety of your items around the clock.

Storing items can make your move much easier. If you have valuables that you want to keep but do not have room for in your new location, a long-term storage plan may be the best option for you.

We can accommodate all of your storage needs. We offer item delivery and unloading upon request. Never fret over giving away a valuable item because you don’t have space for it – we understand that your items are important to you and should be treated as such


Our professional moving staff can help you with any of your packing needs.

We understand that scheduling a move can put a damper on your schedule, and packing is the most time consuming part. Our consultation staff will work with you to plan your move and schedule, including nights and weekends.

Staying organized is key to keeping your move on track. We will analyze the floor plan of your current and new locations, strategizing the perfect moving plan to ensure all items are packed and unpacked while remaining unscathed.

We know that the perfect move should be seamless and struggle-free. Our staff can take on all the heavy lifting, leaving you to remain in charge of business matters.

You’ll want to stick to a pretty rigid timeline when prepping for your household move. About 4 weeks prior you’ll want to set the move date, determine the moving team headcount, and create a basic map of what you want moved and where you want it moved to.

In the weeks following your move, you might discover that you need some post-move assistance. We are always available to help you unpack any lingering boxes or items that remain.

About Heritage 21st Century Movers

Heritage 21st Century Movers has been providing quality relocation services to Torrance and the surrounding area for decades. When you pick our team to help you with your local move, you’ll get a company that:

  • Places customer satisfaction and commitment to the highest esteem
  • Believes communication is an integral part of the company-customer relationship
  • Places unparalleled emphasis on providing price flexibility and competitive value.
  • Stands by prompt pick up and transit services

Our partner, Wheaton World Wide Moving, is the perfect addition to our community-centered team. We can translate our small-company values over to our national and international moving system.

Wheaton has the authority to move household goods across state lines. As such, we act as a local agent in Torrance, CA and can set our customers up with interstate moving plans.

You can think of Wheaton as a network of moving agents all working to ensure your household goods get from your origin to your destination.

We work in coordination with Wheaton corporate headquarters to give you all the resources you could need throughout the planning and implementation process.

Our hope is that we can turn a daunting move into a positive experience in as smooth a transition as possible.

Relocating can be difficult without a proper team at your side. We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident about their relocation, regardless of the distance.

For more information give us a call at (310) 320-1785 or complete the form below for a free moving quote.


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